The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners in southern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire know that winter is coming, featuring cold temperatures, heavy snow, and windy weather. Adding spray foam insulation is an excellent way to upgrade your home’s performance and comfort during winter — and all year round! 

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of confusion about just what the benefits of spray foam insulation are, so the pros at Vermont Foam Insulation have developed this helpful guide. While spray foam insulation may carry higher upfront costs, the investment reaps many more benefits beyond just insulating your home.

What is Spray Foam?

Spray foam is created by mixing two types of composite materials, like an epoxy there is an A-side and a B-side that are mixed through high pressure hoses and a gun. When they are combined, they react and create an expanding foam that magically turns from a liquid into an excellent insulating layer. The mixture is sprayed by the highly trained insulation pros at Vermont Foam Insulation in even, effective layers to create a seamless insulation barrier. We have experience with all three types of foam insulation—open cell, closed cell, and injection foam—and understand where each is best applied.

Excellent Insulating Performance 

Spray foam insulation provides a durable long-lasting insulation that offers superior insulation R-values—up to 7.5 per inch for closed cell foam. With applications of varied thickness, spray foam attic insulation or wall insulation will easily increase the energy efficiency in your home. Once cured, spray foam stays in place fitting any shaped opening with no settling or compressing.

Maintains a Constant Temperature

As top quality spray foam contractors serving southern Vermont and nearby southwestern New Hampshire, we understand how important it is to enjoy a constant comfortable temperature all year long. Consistent winter warmth and summer coolness inside your home keeps your heating and cooling equipment from struggling to keep up. You’ll notice lower energy bills and longer lasting HVAC equipment!

Air Sealing & Insulation in One Application

Tiny gaps and cracks in the exterior of your home’s “envelope” can be robbing energy and allowing harmful allergens and pollutants inside your home. The application of spray foam insulation closes these tiny gaps and insulates at the same time. It makes for a simplified approach to improving your home energy efficiency.

Improves Long-Term Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality is dependent on keeping out allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants that can affect your family’s health. Keeping your home’s indoor air free of allergens can help those family members who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems breathe easier. With its effective air sealing qualities, many homeowners notice less dust and allergy symptoms after installing spray foam insulation.

Moisture & Mold Resistant

Spray foam is moisture resistant and helps prevent mold, so it is an excellent choice for damp locations in Southern Vermont and Southwestern New Hampshire homes. Basements and crawl spaces are great places to apply spray foam insulation to help seal damp foundations and prevent heat loss. Spray foam for basement walls can transform your cellar into a comfortable living area. When applied to the foundation walls of a basement, spray foam also helps prevent musty odors from seeping into living spaces.

Enjoy a Quieter Home

With its tiny air bubbles and complete coverage, spray foam wall insulation has an additional benefit of soundproofing qualities. Many Vermont spray foam homeowners discover just how well spray foam insulation dampens outside noises like traffic, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs.

Reduce Ice Dams

With the heavy snow piling up each winter, the damage from ice dams is a very real threat to your home.  Ice dams happen when snow melts due to heat loss, and then re-freezes at the eaves on a poorly insulated roof or attic. Ice dams can cause major water damage if unchecked. By adding attic spray foam insulation applied, by our experienced team, those hot spots that create ice dams can be eliminated.

Extra Incentives from Energy Star® Rebates

Did you know that you may qualify for valuable rebates of up to $4,000 from Efficiency Vermont’s Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) program? In addition, you may be eligible for a federal tax rebate of 10% of your insulation costs when you upgrade to spray foam attic insulation. Combined with energy savings that start on day one, upgrading your home insulation offers a high return on investment.

Count on a Trusted Spray Foam Professional

Homeowners often ask about do-it-yourself kits for applying foam insulation. If you’ve never worked with spray foam insulation before, this may be an expensive and frustrating experiment. Our certified and trained spray foam team understands the most efficient and effective ways to insulate your home with spray foam products. We take the mess and the guesswork out of insulating!

Plus, we’re equipped with quality, well-maintained machines and protective gear to ensure proper installation the first time. As trusted spray foam contractors, our experienced team will apply the correct type of spray foam designed to improve your home comfort and efficiency. Our insulation team will leave your home spotless with no questions about clean-up and disposal of the old material.

Why wait? Explore how spray foam insulation can improve your home.

Enjoy a comfortable, healthy home with spray foam insulation.

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