Basement Insulation

When most homeowners think insulation, they focus on attics and wall spaces. But one of the most effective areas to insulate is the basement! Insulating the perimeter walls of your basement foundation can have a big effect on heat loss and can minimize dampness throughout your southern Vermont and southwest NH home. It’s important to find an insulation contractor who can tackle basements — Vermont Foam Insulation has the right combination of experience to improve your basement.

Get started with an Energy Audit

One way to pinpoint where your home could benefit from added insulation is to conduct a comprehensive energy audit. The energy audit will take a whole house approach to identify where insulation and other measures can improve your home’s performance, including attic spaces, walls and your basement. 

Why Insulate my Basement?

The basement of your home is directly connected to the rest of your home’s living spaces. Even though the basement walls seem thick, concrete, stone and cinder blocks are not very good insulators and can be a big source of heat loss in many homes. Basements can also be sources of mildew, mold and musty odors, which can seep up into your home. If your home is experiencing moisture or odor problems, the source may be leaking up through your floors. Insulation adds a thermal barrier on the inside to create new, conditioned space that will help your whole house feel more comfortable all year long.

What Kinds of Insulation are Used in Basements?

There are many types of insulation that can be applied to interior basement walls, including fiberglass batts, rigid foam board and even cellulose. At Vermont Foam Insulation, we’ve spent years researching and selecting the best insulation solutions for our area. Our experience shows that spray foam insulation is the best option for southern Vermont and southwestern NH basements. Spray foam insulation provides the optimal combination of air sealing, moisture control and effective insulation in a single application.

Will Spray Foam Insulation Fix a Wet Basement?

Spray foam insulation provides protection against dampness, but if your basement is more than just damp, you may need to prepare your basement area before insulating. Depending on the cause of wetness, the pros at Vermont Foam Insulation recommend that the water problem be addressed first, using our wet basement and crawlspace services. Once water is redirected and managed, we can apply the final air and damp sealing coat of foam insulation.

Foam Insulation for Effective Dampness Control 

Because spray foam insulation seals and insulates at the same time, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in comfort throughout your home. The professional insulation technicians will apply the foam to walls, joist boxes and ceiling to create a continuous insulating barrier. 

ENERGY STAR® Rebates Available

If you’re investigating adding insulation, you’ve probably got a good idea of the benefits: lower energy bills, increased comfort and protection for your investment. In addition to these good reasons, there are generous rebates available through ENERGY STAR® insulation credit program. When combined with other whole house upgrades, you may qualify for $2,500 in rebates, more if you’re income qualified.

Is your basement making your house uncomfortable?

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