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“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
— Gro Harlem Brundtland

Vermont Foam Insulation is partnered with an independent energy auditor who can help you assess your home or building in southern Vermont or southwestern New Hampshire.

What Is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of how a home or building is functioning — with the goal of uncovering areas that are wasting energy. It includes diagnostic testing to measure air leakage, locate missing insulation, ensure heating system safety, and more. 

Benefits of an Energy Audit

Improve the comfort & efficiency of your home or building

By assessing your entire home as an interconnected system, an energy auditor can find the root cause of your home comfort issues and energy loss, resolving them permanently without wasting time and money on home upgrades that won’t make you any more comfortable at home. After the audit, your auditor may recommend attic insulation, attic air sealing with spray foam, or another energy-saving upgrade.

Improve health & safety

The primary benefit of an energy audit is greater health and safety. An audit includes important testing of combustion equipment to ensure proper function, both before and after any subsequent insulation work. This testing gives you critical information about home performance, such as whether your heating system is backdrafting carbon monoxide.

Working With VFI

Qualify for home energy efficiency rebates

At Vermont Foam Insulation, our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest possible value for their investment. By having our independent energy auditor conduct your energy audit, you become eligible for cash rebates on any needed energy efficiency upgrades through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, administered by Efficiency Vermont. These energy incentive rebates can equal up to $2,500.

Over the history of our company, we have completed over 600 home performance jobs — providing our customers with over $550,000 in cash rebates!

Minimize upfront costs

As a company, we never want to sell you something you don’t need or that won’t help you accomplish your home comfort and energy goals. That is why we prefer to schedule a free site evaluation first and then schedule an energy audit only after the site visit validates the need for an audit. 

Receive better service

Whether it is your first phone call to Vermont Foam Insulation, or we are giving the final walkthrough after your energy efficiency insulation upgrade, we aim to provide you with a professional, welcoming, and satisfactory experience. Our pricing is upfront, we always consult and collaborate with the needs of our customers above all, and we will be sure to leave your home as clean as we found it.

Commercial Build Energy Audits

Through the Building Performance with ENERGY STAR (BPwES) program, small business and rental owners as well as managers of municipal and commercial buildings can qualify for rebates on energy efficiency upgrades. Your commercial building may be eligible for up to $5,000 in cash rebates for air sealing and insulating. VFI has completed several commercial projects for its customers over the years.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Rebates

All VFI auditors are Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified home energy auditors. Additionally, VFI is a partner in the HPwES program through Efficiency Vermont. This means that any home performance work you complete following the audit may be eligible for rebates.

How To Receive Efficiency Vermont Rebates

We make the process of receiving rebates from Efficiency Vermont simple:

  1. Contact us to get started, and we’ll schedule a site evaluation – and may recommend a subsequent audit by an independent third party. (We can also provide a written report within 10 business days for an additional fee.)
  2. After you’ve decided to move forward with the efficiency upgrades and all work is completed, we won’t schedule the subsequent audit, but the independent auditor will to verify the impact that your efficiency upgrades made. 
  3. Then, the auditor will submit all the information on your behalf to Efficiency Vermont. Efficiency Vermont will then send a document that you must print, sign, and return in order to receive your rebate.

About four weeks after the final test-out, you can expect to receive a check in the mail.

Interested in improving your home or building, and qualifying for rebates from Efficiency Vermont? Call 802-231-4612 or contact us to get a free site evaluation!

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If you are in need of retrofit insulation services for your home, insulation for a new construction project, or insulation for a commercial or industrial space, look no further than Vermont Foam Insulation. Our insulation process starts with a complimentary site visit, during which we can answer any questions you may have and assess your property's unique insulation requirements.

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