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As important as attic insulation and basement insulation are to home performance, a house’s ability to keep conditioned air inside and living spaces comfortable is only as good as its weakest link. That’s why exterior wall insulation, and in some cases interior wall insulation, play a role in the energy efficiency and overall comfort of your Manchester, Brattleboro, or Keene home.

How Wall Insulation Is Installed In New & Existing Walls

There are many different kinds of insulation available through Vermont Foam Insulation. For wall insulation, two popular options we recommend are cellulose and spray foam.

Blown in cellulose insulation is made out of recycled material, like newspaper, that is treated to be fire resistant. This makes cellulose insulation a great insulator and one of the more environmentally-friendly insulation options available to homeowners and is one of the few materials that can be installed in existing walls. The team at Vermont Foam Insulation can drill small holes throughout your wall and install the right insulation material for your needs. In order to install insulation in a wall cavity that is covered by drywall, we will need to drill and patch multiple small holes, which can be time-consuming and is often not as effective as installing superior insulation materials in open cavities.

It is often most beneficial and efficient to install insulation in existing walls when the opportunity presents itself to remove and replace any drywall or siding. Spray foam insulation is considered a superior insulation material in part because of its air sealing capabilities, and is what Vermont Foam Insulation uses for new walls or walls where the drywall or siding has been removed (in either new construction or a renovation project). Spray foam also offers great defense against moisture and mold, which will increase the indoor air quality of your home.

The Benefits of Wall Insulation

Like all insulation services, wall insulation has many benefits, including:

Less Energy Use

With more effective insulation, your home’s heating and cooling systems won’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Indoor temperatures will be more stable, and with less energy use, your energy bills will decrease.

More Comfort

The more effective your insulation is at keeping conditioned air inside, the better off you’ll be when the weather is at its most extreme. Even in the middle of a summer scorcher or winter blizzard, proper insulation will keep you more comfortable in your home.

Peace & Quiet

One of the ancillary benefits of insulation is its sound-deadening qualities. As a result of installing better insulation, you’ll have superior energy efficiency and soundproofing, keeping unwanted noise outside your home.

Save Money with ENERGY STAR® Rebates

Whatever method you choose, upgrading the insulation in your walls can save you money for years to come in energy costs. And insulation retrofits in Vermont are also eligible to save up to $4,000 with a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® rebate (HPwES) through Efficiency Vermont.

In a little over a decade, Vermont Foam Insulation has successfully helped more than 100 Vermont homeowners qualify for HPwES rebates, earning us two Department of Energy Century Club awards. If you’re in Southern Vermont or Southwestern New Hampshire and looking for a quality insulation contractor you can trust, reach out today for a free site visit.

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