Is a Home with New Siding Efficient with Old Insulation?

If you want to make your house look new again and boost its curb appeal, installing new siding for your home is a great idea. But, if you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, it’s better to focus on your insulation. No matter what type of siding you have, you still need good insulation for a comfortable and efficient house, and installing new siding won’t have much of an impact on its efficiency unless you also upgrade your insulation. 

Upgrading Insulation Is the Best Way to Improve Energy Efficiency 

Many factors contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, including its exterior siding. But out of all the contributing factors, insulation and air sealing are by far the most important.

Insulation acts like a winter coat for your home, holding the heat in during the winter so you don’t have to keep your furnace running constantly to stay warm. In the summer, insulation helps block out heat so your living spaces stay cooler and you can run your air conditioner less frequently. The result is greater comfort and lower energy bills all year long. 

Installing energy-efficient siding after you replace wall insulation, attic insulation, and basement insulation is the cherry on top. Your new siding can improve your insulation and help it perform at its best, but without the right insulation, energy-efficient siding will have very little impact on your home comfort or your energy costs. 

Should You Replace Insulation When Replacing Siding?

When you’re re-siding your home, you have a great opportunity to replace the insulation in your walls. You almost always have to remove siding in order to replace wall insulation, so you might as well add new insulation when you’re taking your old siding down anyway. Tackling these two jobs together can help you save time, and once you feel the difference it makes in comfort and energy costs, you’ll be glad you took the opportunity to add insulation when replacing your siding. 

Vermont Foam Insulation Can Help You Improve Your Home’s Efficiency 

Vermont Foam Insulation is the premier spray foam insulation company serving homeowners in southern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. We can help you decide whether adding insulation when replacing siding makes sense for your home and recommend the best course of action for insulation removal and replacement. Our team is fast, friendly, and professional, and we’ll coordinate with your siding company to make sure both jobs can be completed as efficiently as possible. 

Efficiency Vermont and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR are offering excellent rebates to help Vermont homeowners like you save on energy efficiency home improvements. Vermont Foam Insulation is an approved contractor and we can help qualifying homeowners save thousands with insulation rebates. Give us a call today to learn more and find out if you’re eligible for rebates! 

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Insulation is the best way to improve efficiency. 

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