How Does an Energy Audit Work?

If you think your Chester, Manchester, or Brattleboro home is in need of home performance upgrades, the first step, before you do any actual retrofitting, should be an energy audit. Here’s what an audit consists of and why they’re so important to the renovation process.

How an Energy Audit Works

A home energy audit is an in-depth assessment of the problem areas in your home—the places that will benefit most from new insulation or air sealing. An audit evaluates a home’s overall energy performance, identifying key areas for improvement which will lead to more comfort in your house and lower your energy bills.

An energy audit usually takes about three hours to complete, and has several different components, including:

  • Blower door test to identify air leaks

  • Testing of combustion equipment for home safety

  • Infrared camera analysis to pinpoint the weakest areas where the most energy is being wasted

At the end of an energy audit, you’ll have a complete and thorough picture of your home performance. That includes if and where air leakage is occurring, finding areas in your house that are missing insulation, and ensuring the overall safety of your heating and cooling systems.

Using your Audit to Schedule Work

Once you have the results of your energy audit, you can actually get to work, now that you know where to target. For example, an infrared camera could reveal significant heat transfer from your attic floor into your home’s upstairs in the summer. In that case, upgrading your attic insulation with blown in cellulose or spray foam insulation, might make the most sense. Combine improved insulation in your attic with air sealing to block off holes or cracks where air might be leaking out or in, for even more impactful energy savings and home performance. On the other hand, if a blower door test shows your crawl space has air leaks, focusing on basement insulation could be the best way forward.

Vermont Foam Insulation to the Rescue

Vermont Foam Insulation works with an independent energy auditor to offer homeowners in the southern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire area the convenience of a one-stop shop, combined with results you can trust. We only want you to spend money on work that will actually make a difference in home performance, which is why we offer an initial free site evaluation, even before an audit, to make sure your house is a good candidate for retrofitting.

We’ll also work with you to earn rebates for any energy efficiency upgrades on your home—to date, we’ve helped over 600 households in the greater Chester, Vermont and Keene, New Hampshire areas save more than $550,000 in energy rebates!

Think smart about energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Call 802-231-4612 or contact us today to learn more about an energy audit from Vermont Foam Insulation.

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