How to Make an Unfinished Basement More Comfortable

Unfinished basements may not be the most welcoming places, but for many homeowners, they offer some much-needed extra space. If you’ve been using your basement as a bonus room—maybe you’ve turned it into a basement gym, a home office, or a guest room—you may be wondering how you to finish your basement to make it more comfortable. And while there are plenty of ways to upgrade the space, installing insulation should be at the very top of your list of finishing basement ideas. 

Insulation Installation Is the Best Way to Improve Basement Comfort 

If you’re looking for a finishing basement contractor to help make your basement more comfortable, you may want to hire a professional spray foam insulation company, like Vermont Foam Insulation, instead. Sealing and insulating your basement is the best way to make the space more comfortable and will lead to benefits like: 

  • A warmer basement in the winter 

  • A cooler basement in the summer 

  • Less risk of mold growth 

  • No more dampness or musty smells

  • Healthier air quality 

Basement Insulation Helps Your Entire Home 

The benefits of basement insulation extend upstairs, too, and insulating your basement will make your entire home more comfortable and energy efficient. With the right insulation, you can create a thermal barrier that will eliminate cold drafts in your home, improve temperature consistency, get rid of cold floors above the basement, and reduce your energy costs. Insulation and other wet basement solutions will also keep moisture out of your basement, reducing the risk of mold growth and leading to better air quality throughout your home. 

We know that as the air temperature outside gets colder, a house tends to act more and more like a chimney, or hot air balloon, otherwise known as stack effect. As the difference in temperature becomes greater between inside and outside, the warm air, that you have paid to heat, rises and escapes more quickly. The swiftly rising hot air results in negative pressure in the basement which in turn draws in more cold air. This becomes a vicious never ending cycle and can result is high energy bills and other building durability issues, like condensation.

Insulating a basement with spray foam, can dramatically reduce stack effect, while simultaneously lowering the moisture load on a house. This will improve efficiency, comfort and durabilty.

The Best Insulation Materials for Basements 

The right insulation material for your basement depends heavily on the local climate. Vermont Foam Insulation has been the premier spray foam insulation contractor in New Hampshire and Vermont for many years, and we’ve tested all kinds of insulation materials to determine the best option for homes in our climate. 

Spray Foam Insulation Is Ideal for VT & NH Homes 

Our research and experience shows that spray foam insulation is the best choice for basements in southern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. When applied correctly, spray foam acts as an air sealant, insulator, and moisture barrier, allowing you to solve your basement comfort problem with one application. 

Upgrade Your Basement Insulation With Vermont Foam Insulation

Whether you are looking for unfinished basement home gym ideas, need to finish your basement wall, or want to make your basement feel more like it’s part of your home, you’ll benefit from a basement insulation upgrade. Vermont Foam Insulation can transform your basement into a comfortable and homey space while improving your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. We’ll find the right insulation solution for your home, and you may even qualify for ENERGY STAR® rebates

Make your basement more comfortable with an insulation upgrade. Call 802-231-4612 or contact us to get started.

Insulate your basement! 

Improve whole-home comfort. 


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