How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Home in Vermont?

Moving into a new home comes with plenty of questions. And for new Vermont homeowners, a lot of those questions revolve around heating.

If you’ve been living out of state for a while, especially if you’ve been living in an apartment building, you may not know what to expect when it comes to heating your new home. It gets pretty cold here in the Green Mountain State—the average heating bill in Vermont is estimated to be around $2,000 a year, according to Efficiency Vermont. And without proper insulation and air sealing, that number can get a lot higher. But if you invest in your home’s energy efficiency, you can keep heat contained and lower your energy costs significantly. 

What Home Improvements Will Lower Your Heating Bills? 

Improving your home’s energy efficiency won’t just make you more comfortable—it will also help you save money on your heating bills. And while replacing the boiler, furnace, or heat pump that came with your new home may be your first thought, your HVAC system may not really be the problem. Even the highest efficiency HVAC equipment will struggle to warm a home that’s losing all its heat through its poorly insulated construction, so it’s better to start by tightening up your home’s walls, ceilings, basement, and attic, and then decide whether you need new heating equipment.  

Upgrade Your Insulation 

Upgrading your insulation is one of the best home improvements you can make if you want to lower your heating costs. When a home doesn’t have proper insulation, especially in the attic and basement, heat can easily escape, making your home feel drafty and uncomfortable. This puts your HVAC system in a losing battle as it attempts to make up for the heat lost through underinsulated areas of your home. By having the right insulation properly installed, you can make it easier for your HVAC system to keep your home warm, so it runs less often and you save money. 

Seal Up Air Leaks 

Though they may be difficult to see, most homes are riddled with tiny gaps and cracks, especially around ducts and pipes, in between the attic or basement and main living space, and around doors and windows. By filling in these gaps, you can stop air transfer into and out of your living spaces, which will make your insulation more effective, further reducing the strain on your heating system and helping you lower your energy costs. 

Partner with Your Local Insulation Expert  

Vermont Foam Insulation is here to help you save on energy bills with better insulation and air sealing. We install many different types of home insulation, including: 

  • Spray foam insulation

  • Cellulose insulation 

  • Fiberglass batting 

Our team will evaluate your home and recommend the insulation material that will work best where you need it, helping you stay comfortable and save on energy costs. And, as a local insulation contractor, we know what rebates and incentives are available to Vermont homeowners through programs like Efficiency Vermont and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. We can help you qualify for rebates and incentives to lower the upfront costs of new insulation so that you can settle into your new home as comfortably and affordably as possible. 

Want to lower your heating costs? Vermont Foam Insulation can help. Schedule a free site evaluation today! Call 802-231-4612 or contact us here.

Want lower heating costs? 

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