How to Safely Install Spray Foam Insulation in A New England Home

Spray foam insulation is a very effective and permanent insulation material that can help keep your entire Vermont home more comfortable while using less energy. It is a powerful insulator, air and vapor barrier that can impact the many systems that make up your home. Whenever considering upgrading insulation, regarding of insulation type, the house, as a whole, should be kept in mind. 

Read on to learn how Vermont Foam Insulation safely installs spray foam insulation for long-term comfort and energy savings in the New England climate.

Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Spray Foam?

Spray foam is installed using a specialized hose that sprays a liquid material that quickly grows into a foam, and permanently sticks to cement, wood, and other building materials. When installed correctly, spray foam can provide a perfect airtight seal, since it can be applied to just about any size cavity. It also helps significantly with slowing heat (energy) from transferring into or out of the living space through your walls, roof, or basement

Just about every home will be an ideal candidate for spray foam insulation, but as with any insulation project, things like moisture levels, ventilation, architectural design, and more should always be considered simultaneously. To determine if spray foam insulation will be a good fit for your comfort and energy efficiency needs, the best place to start is by scheduling a site visit with Vermont Foam Insulation. Our sales staff are trained and experienced in the complexities of building science and can provide professional recommendations on how best to move forward.

Insulate, Seal, and Ventilate!

Once it has been determined that removing old insulation and installing spray foam insulation is the route you would like to go with for your home upgrades, based on the outcome of your energy audit, it is recommended that you trust a professional spray foam insulation contractor with your insulation upgrade. DIY insulation can be tempting for those that are confident with their hands and research abilities, but an improper spray foam insulation installation can lead to the headache of having to redo it.  

On the other hand, an experienced, professional and knowledgeable contractor will know how to operate the equipment, how to spray to the ideal thickness, and overall how to install our insulation for long-term success. Spray foam provides a maximum R-value (a measure of insulation performance) and an optimal air seal. Once those two things are achieved, all that is left to do is ensure your home has adequate ventilation! Choose a professional, like Vermont Foam Insulation, who will get the job done correctly the first time.

No Such Thing as Too Airtight

As an insulation material, spray foam also provides an impressive air seal, which can beg the question: can a home be too airtight? The answer to this is definitively NO —but with a small caveat. A home can be nearly 100% airtight, as long as it is properly ventilated to ensure a steady supply of fresh, dry air. Adequate ventilation must always be considered when it comes to a healthy home. It is an ideal situation where we can have a super air-tight home and then be able to mechanically control the amount of air that is pulled in and out of a building, and then have the ability to filter that air. It makes the task of improving indoor air quality much easier – less pollutants, less allergens, less moisture and more comfortable, more efficient and more durable. These are the results of using spray foam insulation. 

Insulation Solutions from Vermont Foam Insulation

If you have questions or concerns regarding spray foam insulation health hazards, or how you can determine if spray foam is the right fit for your New England home, get in touch with our expert team here at Vermont Foam Insulation. 

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