How to Stop Cold Floors & Keep Your Toes Warm as Pie This Season

Cold floors are a common problem for Vermont and New Hampshire homeowners, and they can make it hard to enjoy the holiday season! If even your thickest socks can’t keep the chill away, it’s time to fix your cold floors. 

Vermont Foam Insulation can help keep your floors (and your entire home!) warm as pie this winter with whole-home insulation and weatherization services. 

Poor Insulation Causes Cold First-Level Floors  

Your floors are probably colder downstairs than they are upstairs. This is because your first-level floors are right above your basement or crawl space. If you don’t have enough basement insulation, you’ll be left with icy cold floors and a whole host of other problems, like difficulty keeping your home warm enough in the winter, and outrageous energy bills. 

There isn’t one specific type of insulation to help fix cold floors, and just installing new basement insulation won’t necessarily solve the problem on its own. Instead, you need to consider your entire home from top to bottom. 

Attic Insulation Is Just as Important as Basement Insulation 

Your attic is surprisingly one of the most important areas to insulate if you’re dealing with cold floors in your Dorset, Barnard, or Manchester home. This is due to a phenomenon called the stack effect. 

The Stack Effect Sucks Cold Air Up Through the Bottom of Your House

Hot air rises, and if your attic is not well-sealed and insulated, hot air in your home will rise up into your attic, and out through your roof. This creates a vacuum (referred to as the stack effect) that pulls cold, outside air in. Usually, the cold air will come in through air leaks in the bottom of your home, resulting in cold floors on your first story, drafts, and uncomfortable temperatures throughout your entire home. 

Whole-Home Comfort Requires Whole-Home Insulation 

To keep your entire home warm during the winter, you need whole-home insulation and air sealing. Vermont Foam Insulation recommends spray foam insulation in most areas because it acts as both an insulator and an air sealant. Spray foam insulation can be used to fill in cracks and gaps in your home so cold air can’t be sucked in. 

Additional insulation materials like blown-in cellulose for your attic will slow heat transfer to keep heat inside your living spaces where you want it. Together, air sealing and insulation will keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low all year long. 

We Can Help You Save With ENERGY STAR® Insulation Rebates

Vermont Foam Insulation is the premier spray foam insulation contractor serving homeowners in southern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire. We use the highest quality insulation products and our technicians are highly experienced professionals who you can trust with your home. We are also a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR​​® (HPwES) partner and can help you qualify for insulation rebates worth up to $3,000! 

Stop cold floors and stay warm this winter! Call 802-231-4612 or contact us to start an insulation upgrade.

Stop walking up to icy cold floors every morning. 

Upgrade your insulation and stay warm this winter! 

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