How We’ve Changed (and How We’ve Stayed the Same)

The last few months have been challenging for small Vermont businesses who are trying to stay open and provide needed services for local homeowners while being responsible community members who are prioritizing the health and safety of both our customers and our employees.

We’re taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, and as a result have made a number of changes to Vermont Foam Insulation’s COVID 19 procedures and policies, including adhering to all of our Governor’s health and safety orders. Here is an overview of some of the larger steps we’re taking during these challenging times: 

Limiting Contact Between Employees

Office workers are working remotely from their homes for the time being, to limit the potential spread of coronavirus among our staff. We’re also staggering our truck schedules to minimize the overlap between our insulation installers.

Minimizing Contact with Homeowners

Fortunately, removing and replacing your home’s insulation is a job that can largely be done outside of your home’s living spaces. This means that we’ll spend as little time as possible actually inside your home. Our installers will maintain at least 6 feet of distance with you at all times, are regularly cleaning and disinfecting themselves and their equipment, and will be wearing masks at all times while on your property

Vermont Foam Insulation has always prioritized health and safety, and as expert spray foam insulation installers, we think of our coronavirus safety steps as an extension of the strict precautions we already follow while installing spray foam in your home.

Working with You for Safe and Responsible Home Improvement

We understand that everyone will have different levels of comfort with letting service industry workers into their home during a pandemic. For everyone who is interested in benefiting from the improved comfort and lower energy bills that insulation removal and replacement can bring to a home, but have further questions or concerns about the appointment and installation process, give our team a call. We’re happy to work with customers to create a customized experience that allows them to make the upgrades they need for their home.

Vermont Foam Insulation is putting safety first, just like we always have. Call 802-367-3113 or contact us today with questions or make an appointment with our team.

Feel safe making necessary home improvements this year.

Reach out to Vermont Foam Insulation.

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