Is That Musty Smell Coming From My Basement?

Are you noticing a new odor when you walk into your home? The sudden arrival of a musty, damp scent in the spring or summer months can be alarming — especially when it seems to come out of nowhere.

Excessive moisture is a common occurrence within Vermont and New Hampshire homes, and can be caused by normal activities like cooking or taking a hot shower. It can also arise from something a little more sinister, like leaks or gaps in your home’s building envelope that let in outdoor humidity.

The most common cause of dampness, however, is a wet basement. Water can easily infiltrate your house’s foundation and enable mold growth, causing that unpleasant, musty smell to permeate your home.

How To Get Rid of The Musty Smell in Your Basement

Once you can smell mold, the problem is already established and will need to be addressed quickly. The trouble is, just because you notice water or excessive moisture in one place in your basement, the smell could be coming from another undetectable location. 

Contact the Contractors Vermont and New Hampshire Homeowners Trust

The trained technicians at Vermont Foam Insulation are experienced in finding Basement & Crawl Space Solutions for every home, and know exactly which steps to take to remedy the problem fast. 

Concerned about your crawl space? We specialize in crawl space and basement moisture remediation. Using specialized products, like vapor barrier and spray foam insulation, which can help solve a myriad of home moisture, temperature, and pest issues.

Our approach is comprehensive to ensure your custom home waterproofing solution will be effective for years down the road. Projects could include:

  • Air Sealing

  • Sump Pump Installation

  • Installation of Interior Perimeter Drains

  • Installation of Dimple Drainage Matting and a Heavy Duty Vapor Barrier along the crawl space floor

  • Installation of dehumidifiers as needed for extra moisture control

We Take Customer Service Seriously

When you reach out to learn more about securing your basement or crawl space, it will be our pleasure to come to you for a free site visit so we can assess your space and offer guidance on the best solution for your unique property.

You can count on us to be timely, professional, and clean. We take pride in our trusted reputation as a spray foam insulation contractor here in the greater Chester area, and look forward to installing quality waterproofing solutions in the homes of your Vermont and New Hampshire neighbors. 

Curious about waterproofing and insulation solutions for your basement or crawlspace? Contact us for a free site visit today at 802-367-3113 or reach out online.

Musty, damp smelling basement?

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