Replacement Windows vs Insulation: Do You Need Windows or Insulation First?

When your home starts to feel way too cold in the winter or suffocatingly hot in the summer, your windows are probably one of the first things you’ll think to blame. But while it’s true that old, single-pane windows can contribute to poor energy efficiency, they are usually not the biggest source of energy waste, and replacing windows is often an expensive last resort when it comes to improving energy efficiency.  

Air sealing and insulation have a much greater impact on your home’s performance and are the first and most important steps toward a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. Here’s why: 

Air Sealing and Insulation Offer More Benefits 

Your home loses much more energy through the walls, attic, and basement than it does through the windows. Just think about how much more surface area your walls take up than your windows do—if they’re full of air leaks or don’t have enough insulation, you’re sure to feel the effects. By sealing air leaks and upgrading damaged or insufficient attic insulation, basement insulation, and wall insulation you’ll see benefits including: 

  • Greater home comfort 

  • Lower energy bills 

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Less noise infiltration 

Air Sealing and Insulation Cost Less than New Windows 

Having all new windows installed is extremely expensive. Air sealing and insulation are much more affordable, helping you save money upfront, and they’ll provide a greater return on your investment, saving you money in the long run, too. 

Air Sealing Can Make Your Windows More Efficient 

Window contractors may want you to think otherwise, but you can often improve your windows’ efficiency without replacing them. By sealing up gaps and cracks around your windows you can make them more efficient for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

The Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Local Homeowners Trust 

If you’re deciding whether you should insulate walls or replace windows in your home, turn to Vermont Foam Insulation. With an energy audit, we can evaluate your home’s performance and determine which home improvements will have the greatest impact on your overall energy efficiency. 

We install many types of insulation for attics, basements, and walls, including spray foam insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation. Our expert team will help you determine which type of insulation is best suited to your needs and then install it for you flawlessly, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the service we provide every step of the way. We’re proud to be Southern Vermont and Southwestern New Hampshire’s premier insulation contractor and are here to help make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible.  

Wondering whether you should install windows or insulation first? An energy audit can help you decide. Call 802-231-4612 or contact us here to schedule yours.

Want to improve energy efficiency?

Start with insulation and air sealing. 

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