Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth the Cost?

To keep warm in the frigid winters of Southern Vermont and Southwestern NH, making sure your home’s insulation is up to the task is essential. Not only does proper insulation keep your family warm and cozy in the winter, it also saves energy and money! The pros at Vermont Foam Insulation often recommend spray foam insulation for existing homes as well as new construction. Smart customers often ask, “Is spray foam insulation worth the cost?” Here’s a rundown of the benefits of spray foam insulation to help you weigh the investment.

Upgrading Insulation Saves Energy and Money Year-Round

Increasing your home’s insulation—no matter what type you decide upon—offers a great return on investment. You’ll lower your monthly heating and cooling bills by as much as 50% depending on your home’s current performance. Good insulation prevents your furnace and AC from running constantly to keep you comfortable, adding years of life to your HVAC systems and helping you avoid costly furnace or central AC replacement. 

Spray Foam Seals & Insulates in One Application

Your home should be properly air sealed so that your insulation can perform to its R-value rating. If your home feels drafty, too hot or too cool in some rooms, chances are good that your home is leaking air from outside in and allowing expensive conditioned air out. Unlike other insulations, which don’t offer much protection against air movement, spray foam insulation has both insulating and air sealing qualities to close up all the cracks and gaps in your home.

That’s why spray foam energy savings is worth the money for many Vermont Foam Insulation customers. Our experienced spray foam insulation technicians are rigorously trained to apply the spray foam in an even, consistent manner to ensure complete air sealing and insulation in one application.

Spray Foam vs. Cellulose

Yes, some consider spray foam expensive when compared to cellulose insulation. But cellulose insulation may need to be replaced as soon as 15 years after installation. Spray foam attic insulation not only is a high quality insulation material, but it offers long-lasting, superior protection against moisture as well as excellent sound dampening qualities, maximizing the value of your home improvement investment for years to come.

Spray Foam Lasts a Lifetime

There’s a reason spray foam is a great solution for attic insulation as well as walls and basements: It provides immediate comfort and a lifetime of protection. When the cost is averaged out over the life of the building, spray foam insulation installed by the insulation professionals at Vermont Foam Insulation is a wise investment for energy savings and comfort. Plus, don’t forget that your family may qualify for valuable rebates from Efficiency Vermont— ask us for the details!

Spray foam insulation is a smart investment for your home.

Enjoy lifelong energy savings with just one application!

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