I waited until the coldest part of winter was over before giving this review. Improvement in heating and comfort was amazing. We no longer have 8 – 10 foot icicles on the back roof. The previous year the icicles were so large that when they crashed down they broke the deck railing. We will have them back hopefully this year to do the other side of the house as their work was a retrofit and this time some partial walls will have to be opened to complete the foam installation. The saddest part about this is that this is not an old home but rather was built in 2006 with up to code fiberglass batting insulation which was done by the builder. if I were to build new I would without a doubt use foam insulation as there is no comparison to fiberglass batting and plastic wrap. I was also on site when they were doing the removal of old batting and installation, I was worried that the foam spray would make a mess of the house but they used plastic-wrapped barriers and layed down floor protectors wherever they walked, and were super professional and courteous especially since this is such a hard job. Peter

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