…We’ve been uncertain how we’ll insulate the pony wall and the eaves, and had been considering wool insulation, regular fiberglass insulation, and blown cellulose. Now, Will is here to check out the house and tell us what he thinks about it being a candidate for foam. Will works at Vermont Foam Insulation We are sold on his close cell foam when he tells us that at an R-value of 6.5 per square inch, we’ll get great insulation using just 3-4 inches of the stuff. We’re even more sold when he tells us that his team is doing a job just ten minutes down the road, and he thinks they’re overstaffed. He could send a guy over to do the job in just an hour! Will is as good as his word. Less than an hour after he leaves, a friendly man arrives with a big truck and a long hose and a full-body protective suit. In under an hour, we have a fully insulated home.

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