Who Should You Call for Wet Basement or Crawl Space Solutions?

During these uncertain times, Vermont and New Hampshire homeowners are trying to minimize the amount of time they spend outside their homes, and relying on their houses to keep them safe and comfortable. But that’s assuming that their homes are already well-suited for the job.

Unfortunately, one of the most common calls we get here at Vermont Foam Insulation in the spring and early summer are homeowners in Vermont and New Hampshire calling to ask, “Why is my basement floor wet, and can you help?” It’s more important now more than ever to understand what causes these problems, why they can be harmful to your home and your health, and how wet basement solution services can address the underlying issue.

What Causes Wet Crawl Spaces and Basements?

Water and moisture can get inside your basement in a variety of ways, including:

  • Overflowing gutters

  • Short or broken downspouts

  • Improperly sloped ground surrounding your foundation

  • Cracked or settled pavement

  • Roof leaks

  • Improper or lack of perimeter drain and foundation backfill material

  • Porous stone foundations

Where does all of this water come from? It could be ground water, or a nearby river, or runoff from heavy rain, snowmelt, or even an indoor plumbing leak.

But once it gets inside your home, this moisture can cause lots of problems, from structural damage and wood rot to mold growth. Mold is a particular issue for the people living in houses, and can lead to serious health issues if the problem isn’t sufficiently addressed.

How Do I Fix a Wet Basement?

The key to getting rid of a wet basement is by controlling the flow and evaporation of moisture into the home. We do this with products and tools that ensure the moisture in your home is totally isolated from the living space, thus keeping humidity levels low. Vermont Foam Insulation can accomplish these goals with a combination of crawl space insulation and basement encapsulation services such as:

  • Spray foam insulation for basements and crawl spaces

  • Basement and crawl space moisture barriers and vapor barriers

  • Drainage matting

  • Interior perimeter drains

  • Basement sump pump installation

  • Dehumidifiers

Dry Out Your Wet Basement or Crawl Space For Good

Schedule crawl space moisture and wet basement solutions for your Vermont home with Vermont Foam Insulation, and feel more confident about spending so much time this year inside your home. By drying your wet crawl space or basement, you’re improving your indoor air quality and reducing the risk of harmful mold-related health issues. Give our team a call—we’ll ask more questions to help us under the crawl space or basement waterproofing services you might need, and provide you an estimate on the cost to fix your wet basement. 

Need wet basement repair? Find permanent damp basement solutions with Vermont Foam Insulation. Call 802-231-4612 or contact us to learn more.

Keep your home safe and healthy all year.

Vermont Foam Insulation has wet basement solutions for your house.

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