Why Won’t My AC Ever Cool Down My House?

Does your AC run and run all day long without ever really cooling your house down? You may be thinking there’s something wrong with your air conditioner and assuming you’ll need to replace it. But there are a number of reasons why your AC could be struggling to keep your home cool, many of which have nothing to do with the equipment itself.

Before you buy a brand-new AC, you should make sure your cooling equipment really is the cause of the problem. If it’s not, you could be dealing with: 

Air Infiltration 

Very few houses are airtight—most are riddled with small gaps and cracks, called air leaks. These gaps and cracks allow hot, outside air to flow into your living spaces while cool, conditioned air leaks out, making it difficult to maintain a consistent interior temperature, no matter how hard your air conditioner works. As a result, your home will never really cool down, and you’ll end up spending a lot of money on air conditioning that isn’t even keeping you comfortable. 

Inadequate Insulation 

Here in New England, we usually think about insulation as something that keeps our homes warm during the winter, but insulation is also a key factor when it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer. 

Without the right type and amount of attic insulation, basement insulation, and wall insulation, outside heat will be able to penetrate your living spaces. And because nature dictates that heat will move from hotter areas to colder ones, the higher you crank up your AC, the faster outside heat will transfer into your home, leading to a very uncomfortable living environment and a lot of wasted energy. 

What To Do When Your AC Won’t Cool Down Your House 

At Vermont Foam Insulation, we specialize in home performance and can help you solve your home comfort issues the right way. If you’re not sure why your AC won’t cool down your house, we can conduct a comprehensive energy audit, which will give us a full picture of your home’s performance and energy efficiency. During this assessment, our certified energy auditor will use a blower door, infrared imaging, and other advanced technologies to pinpoint air leaks and evaluate insulation levels. Once complete, we’ll provide you with a full report and recommend air sealing and insulation upgrades that will make your home more comfortable and help you save money on your energy bills year-round. 

As the premier spray foam insulation contractor serving Southern Vermont and Southwestern New Hampshire, we’ve helped countless homeowners solve their comfort issues and lower their energy costs. Unlike many other spray foam insulation companies, we are building science experts and will make strategic, data-driven upgrades to your home so that you can stay cool and comfortable and save money. And, we may be able to help you qualify for insulation rebates

Find out why your AC won’t keep your home cool. Call Vermont Foam Insulation at 802-231-4612 or contact us online to schedule a home energy audit.

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