Mineral Wool and Fiberglass Insulation Products

Picking the right insulation for your southern Vermont or southwestern New Hampshire home can depend on the unique problems you’re trying to solve, as different types of insulation have their own benefits. If you’re looking for peace and quiet in your home, as well as comfort and protection from the outdoor elements, mineral wool and fiberglass batt insulation are valuable assets.

The Benefits of Fiberglass and Mineral Wool Insulation:

  • Superior noise attenuation
  • Fire resistant and water repellant
  • Versatile options for your entire home
  • Easy to install

Where Can I Install Fiberglass and Mineral Wool Batt Insulation in My House?

Batts (also called blanket or “batt and roll” insulation) are sections of insulation material that can be affixed with adhesive to backing or facing. You’ll often see this kind of insulation in rolls, but it also comes in precut flat pieces.

Different kinds of insulating materials come in batt form, including fiberglass, which is made of very fine glass fibers, and mineral wool, also called rock wool, which is made from rock or slag fibers.

Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation are usually fitted and installed between the framing studs or ceiling or floor joists in your home. Whether you’re looking to insulate your basement foundation or interior or exterior walls, batt insulation can be used in a variety of areas to insulate and protect:

Mineral wool, in part because of its density, has superior sound deadening qualities. If you’re looking to make your home quieter and reduce the amount of ambient noise coming from not only outside your home but also from the different rooms throughout your house, using mineral wool for sound insulation is a great option.

The Best in Batt Insulation from Rockwool, Knauf, and Owens Corning

At Vermont Foam Insulation, we look for insulation manufacturers that deliver quality insulation that will provide years and years of protection for your home. A few of the brands we use to help improve your home include:

All of these manufactures meet our high standards in quality, durability and strength, and each produce eco-friendly options as well.

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Our comprehensive audits measure the quality of your current insulation and track down air leaks in your Hanover or Manchester home’s exterior. Using blower door testing and infrared thermal camera technology, we can pinpoint exactly where your home needs work done, and use the results of your audit to recommend the best steps forward to solving the issues in your home, from hot second floors in the summer to indoor drafts and even indoor air quality problems and unhealthy air inside.

Learn more today by reaching out to our team, and ask about the insulation incentives you may qualify for, including up to $5,500 in rebates, 0% interest home energy loans, federal tax credits, and more!

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