Why You Should Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor

Insulation — though it’s out of sight and out of mind, many homeowners here in New England know a thing or two about the fluffy stuff. In fact, we’ve met a number of New Englanders who have installed new insulation in their homes themselves.

However, we caution homeowners in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to be wary of DIY insulation solutions. Here’s why:

Why Hire a Professional Insulation Contractor?

Though re-insulating may seem like a DIY job, proper home insulation requires a great deal of planning, diagnostic testing, and professional expertise. When you hire an insulation specialist for your insulation upgrade, you should expect them to be BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified. As well as an authorized installer of their respective product manufacturer. Vermont Foam insulation is both of these. In addition, VFI is a member of Efficiency Vermont’s, Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN). This is a group of contractors whose purpose is intended to set itself apart by demonstrating a higher standard and quality of service. It also means we know how to prioritize our service for the greatest value to our customers.

Pinpoint Where Insulation Is Needed

It’s impossible to know exactly where all air leaks and insulation gaps are without specialized equipment and diagnostic testing. A professional insulation contractor will conduct an energy audit to uncover inefficiencies and determine exactly where new insulation needs to be installed and what measures will come with the greatest reward, including such considerations as efficiency, comfort and durability.

In other words, a professional will take the guesswork out of your insulation project!

Maximize Energy Efficiency & Comfort

There are several different types of insulation, and many of the most effective types require special equipment during the installation process. Spray foam, for example, is excellent for air leaks and high humidity areas and is applied as a liquid using specialized equipment and long hoses. Similarly, Cellulose, installed using a hose and a blower. It is excellent for retrofitting attics.

By letting a professional choose the best types of insulation for your home and install them properly with professional grade equipment, you maximize the comfort-enhancing and energy-saving benefits that insulation offers.

Upgrade Your Insulation Without the Mess

An insulation professional has the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove and dispose of old insulation and then install new insulation, even in the hardest to reach areas. If you have an attic that needs insulation, for example, Vermont Foam Insulation can vacuum out all the old stuff, air seal and add new insulation immediately changing the efficiency, comfort and durability of your home.

Keep Both You and Your Home Safe

With a DIY insulation project, you run the risk of incurring a major injury or of damaging your home. (It isn’t uncommon to accidentally step through the floor of your attic!) You could also be exposed to harmful substances like asbestos, mold, or animal waste while removing old insulation. An insulation contractor has the tools and experience to re-insulate correctly while keeping your home safe and intact.

You Can Trust Vermont Foam with Your Next Project

Looking for a qualified insulation contractor who can help you maximize the benefits of insulation with proper installation? Look to the certified technicians at Vermont Foam Insulation. We’re proud to bring homeowners in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire innovative insulation products and leading insulation expertise.

Need to upgrade your home’s insulation? Call 802-231-4612 or contact us to get started on your next insulation project — the right way!

Experience greater home comfort and efficiency.

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